Dr. Alexander Neumeister is a neuroscientist and psychiatrist whose research focuses on the intersection between pre-clinical research and psychiatric treatment. Since graduating from the University of Vienna in 1990 with an M.D. in Neurology and Psychiatry, he has been widely recognized as a pioneer in brain science, publishing upwards of 130 papers in prestigious medical journals such as JAMA Psychiatry and Neuroimage, among others. Dr. Neumeister strives to bridge the gap between stringent scientific standards and cutting-edge techniques. His approach allows study patients to receive immediate relief while still applying research methodology that can hold up to the most intense scrutiny. It is this unique synthesis that has distinguished Dr. Neumeister as a leader in both academia and patient treatment. Though he ultimately chose a different career path, Dr. Neumeister was classically trained in piano from the ages of 5 to 15. His love for contemporary art continues to inform his study of the brain. A regular attendee of Art Basel events, he keeps his finger firmly on the cultural pulse in an effort to once again serve as a bridge; this time between cultural consciousness and its inevitable expression in the individual mind.


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